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NFL Fans React To Today’s Rex Ryan News

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Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan is making news today.

The current ESPN analyst spent plenty of time coaching in the NFL and is looking to make a return.

According to Adam Schefter, Ryan had an interview for the defensive coordinator job with the Denver Broncos on Saturday.

Former Jets and Bills HC and current ESPN analyst Rex Ryan interviewed Saturday in Denver for the Broncos DC job. Ryan and former Broncos HC Vance Joseph are amongst a handful of candidates for the job; Ryan has told ESPN he would only leave the network “for the perfect…

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) February 19, 2023

With him stating he needs “the perfect situation” to leave for the NFL, one fan feels heading to Denver isn’t perfect at all.

Denver is the worst situation, have to deal with Russell and his ego

— David Stewart (@DStew89) February 19, 2023

Another fan echoes the sentiment, as they feel he will stay with ESPN.

Well the Broncos are about as terrible situation as it gets so I guess he’s staying at ESPN.

— Tyler (@COYS_Tyler) February 19, 2023

However, fans who know Ryan from his coaching days are hoping the Broncos don’t hire him.

Rex Ryan is a horrible coach lol. Vance Joseph is the better hire. Ryan has been out of the game for awhile now.

— Gage (@GTannerr_) February 19, 2023

The jabs at him continue, as his “perfect situation” must include losing to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The perfect situation is apparently continuing to get owned by the Chiefs

— ChiefsJayhawksRoyals (@CJR16255) February 19, 2023

With him being out of coaching since 2016, he might be out of practice with his craft.

However, joining a team that has Sean Payton as their head coach makes things look better in Denver for the current ESPN analyst.

And by “the perfect situation” he means to go join Sean Payton in #BroncosCountry

Let’s get it done coach

— Riggs Tamburo (@RiggsSportsTalk) February 19, 2023

If he joins the Broncos coaching staff, he will assume a job that he hasn’t had since 2008.

It was during that year when he was the defensive coordinator for Baltimore Ravens.

With him having plenty of success as a defensive coordinator, he can bring something good to Denver.

However, fans worry about how he hasn’t coached in the NFL for a long time.

He hasn’t coached since 2016. They game has changed in those few years. I don’t know if he can adapt

— Fred H (@LiftYourFist) February 19, 2023

With that in mind, his potential return can be a challenge for him and the Broncos.

But it still comes down to both the Broncos and Ryan to decide if it feels like the right fit.

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