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NFL Fans React To Today’s Commanders Report

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The Washington Commanders have been one of the most dysfunctional organizations in the NFL.

Not only have they struggled on the field, but their off-field issues have been well documented.

There is a reason that other NFL owners are forcing Dan Snyder to sell the team.

For the first time, the NFLPA released report cards for each team.

They asked 1,300 players to review their organizations and come up with grades.

As you can assume, the Commanders were the worst in the NFL.

The players feel that Snyder has no interest in upgrading the facilities, amongst many other issues.

That is why it should not be a surprise to see the Commanders with multiple “F-” grades.

lmao MULTIPLE grades of F- for Washington

Training room: F-

Travel: F-

Treatment of Facilities: F

Training staff: D

Nutrition: D+

Weight room: C+

Strength Staff: A+

another proud moment for Dan Snyder

— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) March 1, 2023

From a storied franchise to garbage, well done Synder

— Brian P (@bwpott73) March 1, 2023

The locker rooms were one spot that received an F-.

According to the report, the reasons included things like the lockers not being big enough, no hot water, and poor drainage systems.

Also, the Commanders’ players feel like they do not have enough training staff.

A quick look inside the Washington training room

— Craig (@cking66) March 1, 2023

Plus, the whole training room is simply too small.

It seems like the Commanders’ facilities are not even close to NFL caliber.

the Washington Commanders’ report card is in and it looks exactly like you’d expect

— Rodger Sherman (@rodger) March 1, 2023

NFL free agents…come play for the Washington @Commanders!

This is a really bad look.

The @NFLPA put out a survey for players to give some insight into their respective teams.

The Commanders were rated worst in the NFL…taking the average of the categories below.

— Scott Abraham (@Scott7news) March 1, 2023

More than likely there are college teams with much better facilities than that found in Washington.

Removing Snyder from ownership could help solve this issue.

New owners would hopefully take this report card into account, and try to make the necessary changes.

Owner: F- –
GM(s): F-
HC: F-

Can’t wait for the new owner to clean house

— DM(V) Fan (@53_Guard) March 1, 2023

All in all, Snyder should be embarrassed that his team ranked so poorly.

This report did not help his case at all in keeping the team.

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