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NFL Analyst Rips Aaron Rodgers For ‘Lack Of Urgency’

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Aaron Rodgers’ reputation in the NFL has taken a major dip over the past three years or so.

Once deemed one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever do it, his high-maintenance and self-centered persona has made some of his biggest supporters grow tired of him.

As a matter of fact, rumor has it that he’s already outstayed his welcome in Green Bay, which doesn’t seem like much of a surprise, all things considered.

Rodgers has constantly threatened to leave the team, and the front office has given him more and more money to stay, yet they have no more rings to show for it.

So, now that the New York Jets are reportedly on the verge of acquiring him, NFL insider James Palmer once again slammed Rodgers, this time for his lack of urgency.

Palmer explained how Rodgers is pretty much holding two franchises hostage by taking a lot of time to agree to the trade that we all know he’s most likely going to agree to.

“Aaron Rodgers… What is going on right now is he is essentially holding two franchises hostage during the most important portion of the off-season…”@JamesPalmerTV on Aaron Rodgers’ lack of urgency

— Good Morning Football (@gmfb) March 14, 2023

The Packers can’t negotiate with other players because they don’t know whether Rodgers’ $60 million will be off their books or not, while the Jets are just banking their entire offseason on Rodgers’ agreeing to a trade.

Most competitors would announce their decision right away just so their new team can start building around him; the sooner, the better.

But this is just another example as to why some people warned the Jets not to pursue the future Hall of Famer, as it seems like it’s always about him and not about the team.

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