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NFL Analyst Names 1 Draft Prospect That Would Be A Fit For Cowboys

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It’s been more than a while since the Dallas Cowboys made the Super Bowl.

They’ve struggled to go back to their winning ways, and while they have several solid pieces nowadays, they’re still not a top-tier team in the NFL.

A lot of that has had to do with Ezekiel Elliott’s regression.

Once considered one of the best running backs in the game — and the highest earner at that position —he’s been quite inefficient over the past couple of years, and he might not even be a part of the team anymore going forward.

That’s why analysts from NFL Network believe they should target the best guy in that position in the upcoming NFL Draft.

They’ll have the 26th pick plus three compensatory selections, so they could use them for trading up or just hope Bijan Robinson is available once they’re on the clock.

Analysts believe that the Cowboys need to develop an identity as a running team that dominates the line of scrimmage, stating that there would be no better guy for that than Robinson:

“He’s a big guy — and again, it goes back to the identity of the Dallas Cowboys,” he said. “So yes, I would let Zeke go, and you have a placeholder for Tony Pollard when Pollard comes back.”

What will the Cowboys’ RB room look like in 2023? (via @NFLTotalAccess)

— NFL Network (@nflnetwork) February 23, 2023

The Texas Longhorns star is a physical specimen at 6’5” (220 pounds).

He’s got elite vision and lateral quickness and can slide through tiny gaps with his outstanding footwork.

The Cowboys could sure use an insurance policy behind the injured Tony Pollard, who’s more explosive, but aging.

They’ll likely keep Pollard around under the franchise tag, while Zeke will either have to take a massive pay cut or try and see whether a team still thinks he’s got something left in the tank.

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