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NFL Analyst Has A Strong Feeling About Aaron Rodgers’ Situation

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The Green Bay Packers seem more than ready to move on.

Aaron Rodgers has threatened to leave them way too many times already, so they might not want to have to deal with that offseason drama and uncertainty anymore going forward.

Rodgers took some time to weigh in on his future and decide if he wanted to retire or keep playing.

Moreover, he didn’t even know whether he wanted to stay with the Packers.

Fast forward to today, and it now seems like the organization doesn’t want him to come back, either.

And judging by Packers CEO Troy Murphy, it feels like they’ve already made up their minds about him and believe his departure is a done deal already.

At least, that’s what NFL analyst Kyle Brandt seems to think.

He recently talked on Good Morning Football and stated that he doesn’t think that Rodgers is going back to the team, as Murphy is already referring to his career with the organization as a thing of the past.

“I think it’s done. I don’t think he’s going to play for the Packers anymore…”@KyleBrandt on Aaron Rodgers

— Good Morning Football (@gmfb) March 13, 2023

The Packers didn’t step in Rodgers’ way and allowed him to talk with the New York Jets.

Their visit reportedly went quite well, and the team has plenty of optimism about the possibility of landing the future Hall of Famer.

Rodgers had an outstanding career at Lambeau Field, especially individually.

But all good things eventually come to an end, and Rodgers might look to finish his career on a high note with a team that’s better positioned to win a Super Bowl right now.

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