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Mike Greenberg Explains How He Is Watching Aaron Rodgers, Jets News

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New York Jets fans can’t seem to catch a break.

Just when it seemed like they were on the verge of singing Derek Carr, he decided he wanted to join the New Orleans Saints instead.

And while Carr wasn’t a top-tier QB by any means, he might as well be just good enough for them to get over the hump and make the most of their talented roster.

So, now that Carr is out of the equation and they’ve fully shifted their focus to Aaron Rodgers, they know they can’t afford to drop the ball this time.

That’s why NFL insider and well-known Jets fan Mike Greenberg hasn’t taken a single break from refreshing his Twitter feed to find out whether something has happened with Rodgers.

As a matter of fact, he recently told Pat McAfee that he would only get off his phone to make a brief appearance on his show, and then that was it.

“This is the only time I’m gonna take off today from furiously refreshing my Twitter,” Greenberg said.

“The Jets getting Aaron Rodgers would be going from the ridiculous to the sublime”@Espngreeny #PMSLive

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) March 8, 2023

Greenberg hilariously compared his refreshing of the feed to monitoring a pregnant woman’s contractions, stating that he started off refreshing every five minutes and then the time in-between just got a lot faster.

Adding Rodgers to a roster like the Jets’ would put them in the Super Bowl contender conversation, even in such a tough division like the AFC East.

Of course, they would have to convince Rodgers to keep playing and force a trade away from the Green Bay Packers, so it might be a while before Greenberg can return to his usual routine.

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