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Marshawn Lynch Reveals How Much The NFL Fined Him For Not Talking To Media

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The NFL has had many interesting personalities over the years, but none have been like Marshawn Lynch.

On the field, Lynch was one of the best running backs in the NFL from 2011-14 in Seattle.

But, his biggest issue was not on the field, it was interacting with the media.

Lynch was known for never wanting to answer questions.

He has one of the most legendary Super Bowl media days where he answered every question with “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

Lynch was known for skipping out on media sessions or only giving short answers.

It turns out all of that accumulated into a hefty fine for Lynch.

For just the skipped media session, Lynch was fined around $1.2 million for his career.

Marshawn Lynch sheds light on his famous “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” quote:⁣⁣
“The fines started accumulating from seasons before. It got to a pretty penny. $1.2M for just not talkin’ to the media.” ⁣⁣
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— I AM ATHLETE (@IAMATHLETEpod) February 20, 2023

All NFL players are contractually obligated to talk to the media.

But, it appears that Lynch did not care about being fined as much as he was.

All in all, Lynch and the media never had a good relationship.

But, that was because Lynch did not care about how the media portrayed him.

Even though he was not great with the media, Lynch did amazing off-the-field work.

He gave back to Oakland, where he is from, and has impacted many lives through his platform.

Also, Lynch is a minority owner in the Seattle Kraken hockey team.

The Kraken is the newest team in the NHL and their first season was last year in 2021.

Lynch will leave a lasting impact on the NFL and Seattle.

His bit about never talking to the media is one of the things that many people associate with him now.

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