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Lamar Jackson Responds To NFL Analyst’s Claim Of Blown Marketing Deal

(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)


Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson has taken a rather unorthodox approach to his professional career.

Instead of letting an agent work through most of the details of his deals and endorsements, Jackson keeps a very tight circle and has pretty much represented himself in his contract dispute with his team.

That has prompted plenty of criticism and mockery, with people pretty much stating that there’s no way he can make the most of this chance without having an agent.

As a matter of fact, NFL insiders Chris Simms and Mike Florio went as far as to state that Jackson has reportedly lost plenty of money on endorsement deals for not having an agent.

Notably, it didn’t take long before that clip found its way to the former MVP, who didn’t hesitate to call them out by posting a hilarious LeBron James GIF.

— Lamar Jackson (@Lj_era8) February 28, 2023

According to the latest reports, Jackson has been working closely with the NFLPA in his contract negotiations, so it’s not like he’s in the dark or working on his own to try and get a new deal.

And even if that were the case, who’s to say he doesn’t understand what’s going on?

Who’s better to know what’s best for him than, you know, actually him?

This seems more like a bit of a PR war to try and change the narrative about him and get him to settle for less than he’s worth.

The Ravens will either have to meet his terms or risk losing him, and it doesn’t take a fancy agent to realize that.

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