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J.J. Watt Gets Honest About Trying To View The NFL Overseas

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The NFL has become a global game over the years.

That is why we have seen games take place in London, Mexico, and Germany over the past few seasons.

While the league hopes to continue expanding, fans overseas must have a tough time watching games.

Retired NFL player J.J. Watt understands the struggles of fans around the world that have to stream the games.

He recently posted about experiencing these struggles firsthand.

NFL fans from overseas who try to stream our games… I understand your struggle.

— JJ Watt (@JJWatt) February 25, 2023

Many fans have had to stream games at one point or the next.

So finding an easier way to do it should be something the NFL looks into.

There are some streaming services available like NFL Game Pass.

But, even that doesn’t work consistently according to some fans.

Same as you I watched NFL Gamepass app at late night (in Asia) and got error message sometimes

— Natchan! (@iNatchan) February 25, 2023

It seems like there might be a day when the NFL expands into Europe.

There have been talks about a possible expansion team in London.

But, for now, that seems like mostly a long shot.

The NFL needs to come up with a better viewing experience for their overseas fans.

You can not talk about being a global sport, and then make it difficult for anyone outside of the United States to watch the games.

Also, the time change across the world presents some problems for many fans.

That is why a lot of the London games kick off at 9:00 am eastern time.

Ultimately, if the NFL is serious about being a global game, they need to make the game accessible to everyone.

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