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Ian Rapoport Responds To Aaron Rodgers’ Criticism Of Him

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Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers continues to make the headlines for all kinds of reasons.

This time, the often-controversial star became a talking point for his recent shots at NFL insiders Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport.

Rodgers dismissed their report of him starting his four-day darkness retreat on Monday.

He made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show to let everybody know that neither Schefter nor Rapoport know him, have his number, or are in contact with anyone from his inner circle.

He claimed that most of those reports about him are just [expletive], pretty much stating that they have zero credibility when they talk about him.

Needless to say, some speculated that Rodgers actually postponed his four-day retreat just so he could get back at these reporters, but that’s not for us to debate.

Whatever the case, Rapoport seemed quite unbothered by Rodgers’ criticism.

He didn’t intend to defend himself or take a shot at the legendary gunslinger, simply stating that he was doing his job and reporting the information he got and that there was nothing he could do if Rodgers got mad about it:

“I would say one of the things about doing what I do – and it’s the same thing really for anyone that is pretty public – is you report information, and you do the best you can with making sure that it is accurate, timely,” Rapoport said on Tiki & Tierney. “You want to be right; you want to be first, all that stuff, and then whatever happens with the info, I sort of never mind.

“I’ve never minded being in the crosshairs of anyone, especially when it’s just because of me doing my job. So I put the info out there; Rodgers can react however he wants to react. I don’t take offense; if I see him, I would not be angry. To me, this is all part of it. Like, I say something, and then people are allowed to react. Rodgers has never been shy about speaking his mind, so to me, it’s all fine.

Rodgers has been on a bit of an anti-media crusade since multiple pundits and analysts put him on blast for not telling the truth about his vaccination status a couple of seasons ago.

He claims the mainstream media is responsible for his recently-acquired bad reputation, which all but confirms the reports from media personalities and former teammates about his inability to be held accountable or handle criticism.

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