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Greg Olsen Makes His Thoughts Very Clear About Tom Brady

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Greg Olsen played in the NFL for 14 seasons and was a dominant force at the tight end position throughout his career.

Now, Olsen has spent the last two years in the broadcasting booth, where he has continued to hone his skills at FOX Sports.

While many have appreciated and commended his broadcasting abilities, Olsen’s position could be in jeopardy.

Tom Brady recently retired from the NFL and is set to join FOX’s broadcasting team in 2024.

‘NOT GONNA ROLL OVER & DIE’ | Arguably, the greatest football player of all time is joining the FOX booth next year, and he’s coming for Greg Olsen’s job. Full Interview: @TaylorYoungNews

— Charlotte Sports Live (@CSLonQCN) February 15, 2023

While Olsen has the utmost respect for Brady and his football career, he has worked tirelessly to hone his craft in the broadcasting booth.

Last week, he voiced his opinion on the situation, something that many in NFL media are regarding as unfair to Olsen.

Brady has never done any sort of broadcasting in his career but was signed to a massive ten-year contract with the network before the 2022 NFL season.

Whether Brady takes over Olsen’s job remains to be seen.

However, it appears that Olsen is not happy with how the network has handled this situation and will look for some answers moving forward.

The good news, at least for Olsen, is that he and the network will have another year to figure out how to handle this.

Brady isn’t slated to start his position until 2024, and Olsen should at least have full control of the booth until then.

Olsen, unlike Tony Romo, is a former player that has been well-received in his new position.

When he does get into the booth, will Brady have a similar reception?

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