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Former NFL QB Had An Emotional Interview On Sunday

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Football is a ruthless game, and the NFL is perhaps the most ruthless league in all major sports.

That’s why not many people find success in the league, and why some of them had to take a different path to continue getting paid to play the game they love.

That’s the case with former Alabama standout A.J. McCarron, who made the headlines again for the first time in years this weekend.

The former fifth-round pick took the field for the St. Louis Battlehawks of the XFL, orchestrating a 12-point comeback with just a couple of minutes left on the clock.

McCarron completed ten passes in a row en route to two touchdowns and one of the XFL’s signature three-point conversions.

His team also completed a pass on fourth-and-15 — the XFL’s alternative to an onside kick — to get the football back and get the game-winning score.

Notably, McCarron was overwhelmed with emotion after the win.

“It’s awesome,” McCarron said with tears in his eyes. “It means a lot.”

AJ McCarron was emotional after celebrating the @XFLBattlehawks‘ comeback win with his kids @10AJMcCarron | @XFL2023

— ESPN (@espn) February 19, 2023

Once an NFL backup, it had been two full years since the Alabama product was a part of a professional football team.

He led the Crimson Tide to a couple of titles and was an All-American QB before taking his talents to the pros in 2014.

He suffered a string of injuries and failed to take over Andy Dalton on the Cincinnati Bengals, becoming a bit of a journeyman afterward.

So, his career may not have turned out the way he thought it would, but it’s nice to see that he’s still out there on the field and making winning plays when it matters the most.

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