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Former Jets GM Reveals What He Would Give Up For Aaron Rodgers

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After getting off to a 6-3 start, the New York Jets stumbled to a six-game losing streak to end the season and a 7-10 record.

Their most pressing need is a high-level quarterback, and they’re rumored to be willing to spend mightily in order to plug that hole.

One high-level QB who is rumored to be available is the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, but he would likely cost a good deal of capital for any team that wants to land him.

Mike Tannenbaum, the one-time Jets general manager, said that he would be willing to give up a good deal for Rodgers — if he could get the signal-caller to commit to being in New York for two seasons.

Former #Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum (@RealTannenbaum) tells us what he’d give up for Aaron Rodgers if he were the Jets.

For Mike’s full appearance:

— Dan Patrick Show (@dpshow) February 18, 2023

“I’ll reluctantly give up the first-round pick to Green Bay,” Tannenbaum said. “I’m gonna pay Aaron — he has this roughly $60 million option bonus, so I’m gonna pay you $60 million a year. But Aaron, we need to know you’re gonna be here for two years, so fully guaranteed, 30 [million] in year one, 90 [million[ in 2024 and now I know you’re here for two years, buddy.”

Some would scoff at the idea of giving an aging QB, even if it’s Rodgers, that much money, and some would scoff at the mere idea of acquiring him in the first place.

Although he’s still a very good and potent signal-caller, his production went down this year, as he had 26 touchdown passes, a passer rating of 91.1 and 12 interceptions, his most since 2008, his first year as a starter.

With the amount of wear and tear Rodgers has, it’s anyone’s guess when his play will permanently decline.

One factor in the dip in his numbers this season could be the departure of Davante Adams last season.

In addition, Rodgers’ standing among fans and the media has also sagged the last couple of years because of the off-the-field drama he has been involved in.

This will be the second straight offseason in which the NFL has had to wonder about his future in Green Bay, and last offseason, he publicly demanded a lucrative contract extension, which he eventually got, although it probably came at the expense of keeping Adams.

Will a young Jets team be willing to take on those risks and bring in Rodgers next season?

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