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Fans React To Today’s Aaron Rodgers News

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)


Out of the darkness and into the light, so they say.

After embarking on a four-day retreat in which he had minimal human contact, immersing himself completely in darkness, Aaron Rodgers has now emerged from the shadows.

Aaron Rodgers has emerged from his darkness retreat, according to the owner of the facility in southern Oregon where the Packers quarterback spent the past several days and nights, via @Xuan_Thai:

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) February 23, 2023

Before this retreat, Rodgers claimed that he would get clarification from an experience like this, and know how to move forward in his career.

Rodgers still has not committed to the Green Bay Packers, and his 2023 status is still undecided.

When the report of Rodgers’ retreat coming to a close was announced, NFL fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the situation.

Aaron Rodgers emerging from his darkness retreat

— Action Network (@ActionNetworkHQ) February 23, 2023

Many fans chose to share their best memes about the situation, including the image above.

Rodgers has been in darkness for four days, and an adjustment to the outside world might take some time.

Being devoid of light for over four days is something that is incomparable, something that is difficult to prepare for.

One fan suggested that Rodgers might have been preparing to live in New York, given the small confines that he subjected himself to during this retreat.

300 sq feet, partially underground, no natural light.

Aaron Rodgers is clearly preparing for New York City living.

— Alex Smith (@AlexSmithSNY) February 23, 2023

The New York Jets, of course, are one of the teams that Rodgers is rumored to go to if he does end up leaving the Packers.

Even though Rodgers is done with this retreat, there isn’t a specific timetable for his return or an answer to his 2023 plans.

For Packers fans, this might be a drawn-out decision, considering the magnitude.

For NFL fans in general, this means that the soap opera that is the NFL offseason will continue.

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