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Drew Brees Gives His Honest Opinion Of Derek Carr

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The New Orleans Saints got the guy they wanted.

Dennis Allen was quite high on Derek Carr since he became available, and it’s always nice to have a guy you can build around.

The Saints have struggled to move on from the Drew Brees era, which is normal.

Going from a Hall of Fame quarterback to anybody else can be tough, and they weren’t the exception to that rule.

Notably, their new QB1 actually has Brees’ endorsement, as he recently took to the Dan Patrick Show to explain why he believes Carr will find success in the Big Easy.

Brees went on to talk about how Carr hasn’t been put in a position to succeed.

He thinks that he’s caught a lot of unfair strays for being in a poorly-run organization, so he thinks he’s way better than most people give him credit for:

“I think it’s a great fit. I think it’s a great fit for him, great fit for the Saints,” said Brees. “I’ve always been impressed with Derek Carr. I think he’s been in a pretty dysfunctional situation; I think we all recognize that. Look at all that’s happened to the Raiders from a personnel perspective, all the controversy; I think he’s caught the brunt of that unfairly in a lot of ways.”

“I think it’s a great fit for him. I think it’s a great fit for the #Saints.”

-Drew Brees shares his opinion on the #Saints acquisition of Derek Carr

For Drew’s full appearance:

— Dan Patrick Show (@dpshow) March 10, 2023

To be fair, Carr has shown the ability to rise up to the occasion and deliver when his team needs him the most.

But it would have been hard for anyone to find success with the Raiders organization, regardless of how good a player he was.

Even so, there will be no more room for excuses now that he’s finally free from the Davis regime.

So, the pressure will be on for him to silence his doubters once and for all and prove that Brees is right about him.

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