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Colin Cowherd Makes His Thoughts On Daniel Jones’ Contract Clear

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No team can win in the NFL without a solid quarterback, and the San Francisco 49ers are living proof of that.

They’ve struggled to get back to their championship-winning days mostly because of their woes at that position, just like it happened during the Jared Goff era with the Los Angeles Rams.

However, of all the teams that won a ring or two in the past twenty years despite not having an elite player at the QB position, the New York Giants might stand out.

Eli Manning was never on top of the pack, yet he still managed to beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots not once, but twice.

Perhaps, they hoped Daniel Jones would turn out to be the same.

However, the early returns of Jones’ career were far from encouraging, and he didn’t seem to be even on Eli’s level.

Fast forward to today, and the Giants have now committed $82 fully guaranteed million and a 4-year, $160 million contract on a guy that just threw for 15 touchdowns in his best season.

That’s why sports analyst Colin Cowherd believes they’re doomed to mediocrity for as long as Jones is out there, going as far as to call him a below-average quarterback.

“Here’s the problem. He’s a below-average quarterback. He is,” Cowherd said. “They have a far below-average offensive roster that needs help now. But in an $82 million dollar deal over the next two years, there’s gonna be limitations now on what the Giants can do offensively. Good luck nailing five Draft picks on the offensive side of the ball. It’s just not a recipe for Super Bowls signing a below-average-to-average quarterback to a massively big contract.”

“Here’s the problem. He’s a below average quarterback. He is.”

@ColinCowherd on Daniel Jones’ contract with the Giants

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) March 8, 2023

Brian Daboll is an offensive guru, and he sure made the most of Jones’ skills in their first season together, so there’s some reason for optimism.

But overpaying for mid-tier QBs isn’t a recipe for success, and you can ask the Minnesota Vikings or Dallas Cowboys how has that formula turned out for them thus far.

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