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A.J. Brown Has A Shocking Admission From Last Season

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The NFL is a copycat league, meaning many teams run similar plays and have similar cadences.

But, when players leave one team for the next, it would make sense that teams change their signals.

For some reason, the Tennessee Titans did not feel the need to do that this past season.

After trading wide receiver A.J. Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Tennessee Titans should have changed their signals.

But, Brown stated that was not the case when the Eagles and Titans played in Week 13.

He mentioned how he gave every detail to the Eagles’ defense about what they were running.

Also, how talked about how the Titans did not change anything from when he was with them just a season ago.

AJ Brown told the #Eagles “every little detail” about the #Titans call signals prior to their game this season. (@Raw__Room)

“They don’t change nothing!”

Brown spent 3 years with the Titans prior to being traded to Philly.

The Eagles beat the Titans 35-10 on Week 13.

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) February 21, 2023

That could be one of the main reasons why the Eagles beat the Titans so badly.

Philadelphia had their way with the Titans in that game, and if Brown told them what plays were coming that would make sense.

After seeing a player admit this, it should make all NFL teams have a self-evaluation.

Constantly changing signals, formations, and play calls, seem like a must in the NFL.

Every team is looking for the slightest advantage possible, and Brown gave his team one in Week 13.

While this is embarrassing for the Titans, they have plenty of other problems to worry about.

They are coming off a poor season, and seem to be headed in no real direction.

It might be time for them to start looking toward their future, and that starts with finding the right quarterback.

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