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2 Things The Bears Must Get Back If They Trade Justin Fields

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Theories on what will happen to Justin Fields are making their rounds.

While everyone including Fields himself wants some answers, everyone is in the dark.

But with the rumors of a trade going around, the Chicago Bears will need something in return for him.

The team needs to know his value, and find someone willing to pay what they want.

If there is a trade for Fields, the Bears need two things in return in any trade deal.


Solid Draft Compensation

While Fields wasn’t the best quarterback in 2022, the team paid a high price in 2021 to draft him.

They sent the 20th overall pick and 164th overall in 2021 to the New York Giants to draft the young quarterback.

However, it cost them a 2022 first-round and 2022 fourth-round pick as well to get him.

Justin Fields trade:
Bears got 2021 11th pick
Giants got 2021 20th pick, 164th pick, 2022 1st round and 2022 4th round

— DeeksView (@DeeksViewOG) December 3, 2022

With the Giants getting three additional picks for the one used on Fields, there’s too much invested in him.

The Bears will need multiple picks for him, with one being a first-rounder.

While this might be far-fetched, they must hold firm for solid draft compensation.


Solid Veteran Player

Besides landing draft compensation, the Bears need a solid veteran player.

It doesn’t have to be a starting player, but someone who has proven they can be a starting player.

With the defense struggling against the run last season, the team can use a solid defensive lineman.

If they can land this, along with a first-round pick for their quarterback, they can recover some of their losses.

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