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1 QB Prospect Is The Betting Favorite To Go No. 1

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The Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers have recently orchestrated a blockbuster trade.

The Panthers have struggled at the quarterback position after Cam Newton left.

However, being that they acquired the number one overall pick in this trade, the Panthers could gain stability at the position for the first time in the last several years.

After this trade was completed, the betting odds for this pick shifted in favor of C.J. Stroud, per a recent article by Pro Football Talk.

Carolina moving to No. 1 has sent QB C.J. Stroud to the top of the first-pick betting odds.

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) March 13, 2023

Before this move was made, Bryce Young was the odds-on favorite to be the number one overall pick.

His odds were at -230, meaning that sportsbooks were heavily leaning toward Young.

However, the tides have turned significantly with this trade, as Stroud is listed at -300.

Not only are the odds now in Stroud’s favor, but they are even more skewed in that direction.

Although this pick hasn’t been made yet, sportsbooks tend to have a strong pulse on the situation.

Whether Stroud is picked by the Panthers remains to be seen.

Judging by their performances of the last few seasons, however, it is evident that the Panthers are looking to re-load their roster, which starts with the quarterback position.

Stroud had an impressive collegiate career at Ohio State, racking up 7,775 total yards and 81 touchdowns in the 25 games that he was their starter.

Will his college success follow him into the NFL?

If he does get drafted by the Panthers, he will certainly have his work cut out for him.

The Panthers have limited weapons on offense, and they just traded D.J. Moore to the Bears in part of their move for the number one pick.

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