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Stephen A. Smith Says 1 Person Is Holding Eric Bieniemy Back

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The Kansas City Chiefs have the most unstoppable offense in the NFL right now and one of the most explosive this game has ever seen.

And while Patrick Mahomes deservingly gets plenty of credit for that, Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy should also get his flowers.

Bieniemy has been in charge of the Chiefs’ offense for five years now, reaching the AFC Championship every single season and winning two Super Bowls in three tries.

However, even though most of his colleagues have successfully landed HC positions somewhere else, Bieniemy continues to be nothing more than a candidate, which has been one of the most head-scratching situations in recent league history.

Notably, ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith believes Andy Reid is to blame for that, claiming Reid has made sure everybody knows he’s calling some of the plays on offense:

“Andy Reid has cost Eric Bieniemy a head coaching job in the National Football League,” Smith said on First Take. “We don’t want to say it, but it’s true. And here’s the reason why: Because even though you’re the head coach, you don’t have to call plays. He chose to. Not all the time — most of the time it might be Eric Bieniemy — but Andy Reid not only called some plays, he made sure we knew he called plays, the NFL community knew he called plays.”

Andy Reid is costing Eric Bieniemy a head-coaching job!!c

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) February 15, 2023

Of course, we all know Reid is one of the greatest offensive minds this game has ever seen, but it’s not like people don’t recognize Bieniemy’s outstanding work with the Chiefs as well.

If anything, we can only wonder whether Bieniemy is terrible at interviews or something, as he’s done more than enough merits to become a Head Coach.

As a matter of fact  — and contrary to what Smith claims  — Reid has repeatedly and openly advocated for Bieniemy to get a job, going as far as to get into some owners’ faces and directly asking them why Bieniemy hasn’t landed an HC position somewhere else.

So, yeah, this one was a bit of a stretch, Stephen A.

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