Patriots vs Eagles Football Game Preview: What To Watch Sunday Night Football

patriots vs eagles

Are you will be surprised if the Patriots win Super Bowl again? The New England Patriots betting favorites for Super Bowl 53. I think the Eagles are a team built to last so tough to repeat super bowl champion again but they are a good team you can depend on. The defending super bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles will start their another football season after a historic 41-33 victory against the the New England Patriots for the first time since 1960.

The best combination with of MVP quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick has entrusted the foundation for success for the Pats for nearly two decades. The Patriots have qualified for the playoffs each of the last nine years and reached the Super Bowl eight times since 2001.

Eagles vs Patriots football game you need to know.
Thursday, Aug 16th 7:30 pm et
Location: Gillette Stadium
Live Stream: NFL Game Pass (7days free trial)

Channels: WCAU (NBC/10 – Philadelphia), WPMT (FOX/43 – Harrisburg), WOLF (FOX/56 – Scranton), WRDE (Cozi/31.2 – Rehoboth Beach DE), WBZ (CBS/4 – Boston)

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Patriots offense vs Eagles defense

Defense and offense are both very important component of the football games. It’s really difficult to create a strong defense or offense strategy without any flaws. With both the Patriot and Eagle, they share many pros and cons on both defense and offense, here are some ideas of what they are really good at and what they need to work on.

The Patriot is seeing a good offense this year especially their head coach Bill Belichick, who have decided to help with some improvements. Keep in mind that the defense was nothing in the beginning, but when Bills stepped into coach, their defense became a phenomenon. Just imagine what would happen with their offense with offensive coordinator Joshua Thomas McDaniels. Plus, Josh Mac is returning for an amazing offense attack. However, Belichick plan an offense that was not very balanced and there are some miss calculation errors. He made the offense area more spread out with a shotgun face aerial attack. This resulted in the Patriots firing the ball out of the receiver sets.

The Eagles have some impressive defensive players. For example, Smith is a strong defensive player that is very similar to DeSean Jackson. Shane Vereen is a very versatile player who does wonders in the defensive line. Despite these positive defense features, the Eagles still struggle with some of their defensive plays. For example, Sherman does not do very well with a thorough man-to-man coverage which can be very problematic for the defense position. The Eagles usually use their cornerbacks to compensate for the coverage, but that will only hinder and put more pressure on the defense area, not a very smart move. In addition, Maxwell was signed by the Eagles from the Seahawk, and he struggles badly with the defense position.

Eagles offense against Patriots defense

Without Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles Nick Foles and league MVP Carson Wentz the Eagles don’t sound worried. Eagles executed their offense successfully by using a shotgun method. This is where they line up under the center in a specific situation and run out the clock. It has worked wonderfully with the majority of the games. Another strategy is the Eagle ran more than 90% of their offense from the shotgun and completed as the 4th best scoring team in the NFL history.

Nick Foles and Carson Wentz led the rush with over 2,000 combine yard, how crazy was that? Unfortunately, the offense did take a big hit when the left guard Evan Mathis and Center Jason Kelce was badly injured. The opponents are aware of their strategy and took advantage of it which severely damages the offensive line. Basically, the opponents put more bodies at the scrimmage against the offensive line therefore severely slowing down the running games which destroyed Kelly’s offensive success. After all, the whole offensive technique was too predictable despite its success.

Patriots defense was phenomenal. They were giving up 41 points to the Eagles offense, but have managed to catch up. Their defense tactics were very quiet and sneaky, but have caught everyone by surprise. It’s very strategic and well played. This is mainly because their defensive coordinator has done an excellent job strategizing and implementing various defense techniques. However, their defensive line back Ninkovich have retired. He’s reliable player that has helped score touchdowns and tackles and have been in various plays in the NFL and Super Bowls. When they lose a player that is known for their defense, it’s tough to foresee the future if they are able to get a defensive player that is as skillful as Ninkovich.

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