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Packers Analyst Is Confused About An Aaron Rodgers Gripe

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The Green Bay Packers have some decisions to make this offseason.

The type of decisions that can alter the course of their franchise.

Everything within the Packers usually starts and stops with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

But, his status for the 2023 season is up in the air.

He has not committed to anything yet.

Amongst his options are retiring, requesting a trade, or coming back to Green Bay.

No one seems to know what he is going to do, and the Packers might as well decide for him.

Rodgers has been upset ever since the Packers drafted Jordan Love in 2020.

He was mad that they drafted his replacement, instead of giving him help.

In a recent interview, Rodgers made it seem as if he was motivated to play better because of that move.

But, one Packers analyst thinks that is lame.

This is so petty and lame. If all it took was them to draft his replacement for him to play like an MVP, why didn’t he just like … play like an MVP before.

If it was always just in his power to do it. He didn’t get magic powers from Jordan Love’s draft status.

— Peter Bukowski (@Peter_Bukowski) March 1, 2023

Rodgers seems like he is more concerned with winning MVPs than winning Super Bowls.

Despite his two MVP seasons, the Packers only have one playoff win in that timeframe.

It might be wise for the Packers to just move on from Rodgers this offseason.

They drafted Jordan Love in the first round to be their eventual starter, and that time is now.

Rodgers is entering his age-40 season and continues to hold the Packers hostage with his playing status.

Even if they take a step back next year, at least they will know what they have in Love.

If he is the starter of the future then great, if not, Green Bay will be looking to find a new quarterback.

But, the only way they can find that out is if they move on from Rodgers.

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