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NFL Analyst Says 1 QB Prospect Is Under Most Pressure At Combine

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)


The quarterback position was, is, and will forever be at the centerpiece of the National Football League.

It’s a team sport, and there are countless factors that come into place when it comes to success, but most of the talk will always center around the quarterback.

That’s also the case at the NFL Scouting Combine, where a polarizing prospect has kept most people on the fence.

There has been plenty of talk about Will Levis’ talents, potential, and physical traits, with some stating that he could be a top-5 selection in the first round.

But as evident as those things are, there were also times when Levis looked nowhere near an NFL-caliber player, which is why analyst Dan Orlovksy believes he’s the player under the most pressure at the Combine right now.

No one has more pressure on them these next 48 hours than Levis

— Dan Orlovsky (@danorlovsky7) March 3, 2023

Orlovsky pointed out that GMs and executives will want to watch some tape with him and ask him about his thought process on several plays, as he made some avoidable and head-scratching mistakes.

He also points out the fact that Kentucky’s offensive line and WR corps left a lot to be desired, so scouts will need to determine whether Levis’s shortcomings were a product of his bad reads or if he was a victim of the lack of talent around him.

Levis has drawn comparisons to Josh Allen for his size, strength, and athleticism, and that’s the kind of guy everyone will want to see at the Combine.

So, the jury is out, and the ball is now officially in his court.

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