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NFL Analyst Names His Mount Rushmore Players Of 2022

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NFL media and sports media in general tend to have a fascination with ranking players.

Whether it makes for better TV, or if it’s simply to pass the time along, there is always an analyst that thinks outside of the box, claiming a particular player is the best of all time.

In the NBA, there is a constant debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, and who is the better player.

Yesterday, NFL analyst David Carr threw his hat in the ring, promoting who he believed to be the four best players in the NFL in 2022.

“The guy is the freak of freaks, like he just happens to makes all the plays at all the times”@DCarr8 with monumental praise for @AaronDonald97

— NFL Total Access (@NFLTotalAccess) February 21, 2023

Carr’s top four NFL players from 2022 are Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Donald, Justin Jefferson, and Nick Bosa.

Bosa, Mahomes, and Jefferson would be unlikely to receive any sort of debate.

Bosa was the Defensive Player of the Year, Mahomes was MVP, and Jefferson won the Offensive Player of the Year.

Why include Donald?

During this segment on the NFL Network, when Carr announced Donald as one of the four best players in 2022, he received a few groans from his colleagues.

Donald has been one of the most dominant defenders in the league for the past several seasons, but 2022 was a down year for him.

His five sacks were the lowest of his career thus far, and his 49 total tackles were among the lowest in his career as well.

Will Donald be able to maintain his greatness next season, a year that many have projected him to retire?

Carr believes in Donald’s talent, even after an off-year.

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