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NFL Analyst Gushes Over QB Draft Prospect’s Film

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The National Football League is a bit of a cycle, and it’s always been like that.

Once the media and scouts settle for a narrative, it’s kind of hard to convince everybody of the opposite.

So, we could be entering somewhat dangerous territory with all the doubts about Bryce Young’s size — or lack thereof.

Young has been the frontrunner to be the first-overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft for months now, but that might change in the next couple of weeks.

Scouts and analysts are reportedly concerned about Young’s physicality and how he’ll be able to handle the pros.

However, former NFL quarterback-turned-analyst Dan Orlovsky isn’t worried in the slightest about that.

Orlovsky raved about Young’s ability to make reads and change plays at the line of scrimmage, going as far as to state that he’s ‘spectacular.’

“I get it; he’s not big. You’re gonna hear that for the next two months,” Orlovsky started. “But this kid’s tape is spectacular.”

All over his tape. Play after play

— Dan Orlovsky (@danorlovsky7) March 1, 2023

Of course, size is a big part of a quarterback’s assessment, and not many small QB’s find success in the National Football League.

But Young has the whole package, including all the intangibles that often make a player go from ‘very good’ to ‘legendary.’

Drew Brees was never the biggest guy on the gridiron, yet he wound up being one of the greatest gunslingers of all time, not to mention a Super Bowl champion.

So, even though some teams could be scared and hesitant to take a risk on a guy like Bryce Young, he has all the traits to become a superstar, and other guys would be more than thrilled to have him slip in the first round.

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