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Joy Taylor Has Advice For Aaron Rodgers

(Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images)


Many NFL fans feel like Aaron Rodgers is on his way to joining the New York Jets, as Woody Johnson, their owner and CEO, flew out to Southern California to meet with the quarterback.

The Jets have a very intriguing young team with multiple Pro Bowlers on defense and young stars on offense.

Some think a revitalized Rodgers could take the Jets deep in the playoffs in 2023 should he become a member of the team.

But commentator Joy Taylor suggested that it would be better for Rodgers to remain put with the Green Bay Packers.

“Stay in Green Bay Aaron.”@JoyTaylorTalks explains why Aaron Rodgers should stay in Green Bay.

— Speak (@SpeakOnFS1) March 9, 2023

Taylor’s argument is that Rodgers is in decline and that he wouldn’t be able to meet the high expectations that would likely follow him to New York.

The New York City media is infamously harsh on star athletes in the market who do not meet expectations, and Rodgers has had to deal with plenty of scrutiny lately, at least some of which many feel has been self-imposed.

Last offseason, he was demanding a huge new contract from the Packers, and although he got it, the casualty may have been star wide receiver Davante Adams, who was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders shortly afterward.

Then there was the controversy Rodgers created in 2021 when he misled everyone about being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Rodgers’ production fell somewhat in 2022, and at age 39, there is the persistent question of whether that drop was due to Adams’ departure or his inevitable decline due to wear and tear.

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