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Eagles Fan Shows How He Fixed His Failed Championship Tattoo

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


The Philadelphia Eagles tend to attract a unique group of fans.

Eagles fans have frequently found themselves on the news for various reasons throughout the years.

Greased light poles, flipping cars after Super Bowl wins and losses, and overall chaos have surrounded the Eagles fanbase.

After a premature decision, one Eagles fan in particular needed to make a massive change.

That’s one way to fix a premature Championship tattoo

— SuperBook Sports (@SuperBookSports) February 20, 2023

Before the Super Bowl this season, one Eagles fan was so confident that his team was going to win, that he got a championship tattoo before the big game.

As we now know, the Kansas City Chiefs are this year’s Super Bowl champions, making this tattoo void.

However, instead of dwelling on the negatives, this fan decided to make the most of it.

He added a crying photo of Michael Jordan, citing “It’s a Philly thing.”

It most certainly is.

This action is just one of many that Eagles fans have taken part in over the last several years.

This stunt in particular has received thousands of views on the internet, bringing great exposure to this legendary failure of a decision.

Will the team, and this fan, find redemption next season?

The Eagles aren’t going away anytime soon, especially from their pedestal atop the NFC.

Currently, the NFC has significantly fewer elite quarterbacks than the AFC, leaving Jalen Hurts in a prime position to continue to dominate within the conference.

Assuming the Eagles’ 2023 roster is similar to their team in 2022, they should be in a great place to contend for the Super Bowl for the foreseeable future.

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