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Deshaun Watson Will Make NFL History With Contract Next Season

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Over the last calendar year, a number of quarterbacks and wide receivers across the NFL have signed immense contracts and reset the market for other stars at those two positions.

But one player will actually set a league record in one related category next season.

The Cleveland Browns‘ Deshaun Watson will have the largest salary cap hit the league has ever seen as part of the five-year, $230 million contract he was given right after they acquired him via trade.

never before has an NFL player’s cap hit exceeded $39M

that all changes this year

Deshaun Watson’s $54,993,000 cap hit in 2023 will be the largest for any player in NFL history

Watson will hit the Browns’ cap for the same $54,993,000 every single season thru 2026

— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) February 20, 2023

Watson has become a controversial figure because of the sexual misconduct allegations he has had to deal with.

He was suspended for the first 11 games of this season and many people felt like his huge contract was like a slap in their face.

However, there is no doubt that Watson is a fantastic quarterback and that he will lift the Browns’ ceiling once he has a full training camp and season with his new teammates.

In 2020, his last full NFL season, he threw 33 touchdown passes against just seven interceptions while leading the league with 4,823 passing yards.

Watson is also an excellent rusher who put up 444 yards and three scores on the ground that year.

The Browns have a pretty talented roster, as they possess arguably the game’s best running back in Nick Chubb and a four-time Pro Bowler in wide receiver Amari Cooper.

If they sort out their defensive problems, they should have a real shot at making the playoffs next season thanks to Watson’s immense talent and skills.

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