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How to Watch NFL Preseason 2018 Football Games Live Stream

The American football With the 2018 NFL preseason football games finally here. Indeed, this sporting tournament literally brings the whole of North America (the United States, Mexico and Canada) to a standstill. The NFL preseason is around the corner. The 2018 Hall of Fame Game (Canton, OH.) matchup between Baltimore Ravens vs Chicago Bears (NBC, 8 p.m.), Thursday, Aug. 2.

nfl preseason 2018

What channels have 2018 NFL Preseason football games?

NFL Preseason games officially started on Aug 3. All games will be televised NFL game pass, NFL network, CBS, ESPN, NFLN, NBC and FOX TV channels. Want to Check out the complete guide below to learn how to watch the NFL preseason, regular season, playoffs and super bowl without cable? Find out my complete live online NFL guide here. The best way to watch football games for free is either through a TV antenna, or a free trial of NFL live TV streaming service.

You certainly would not wish to miss out on the American football league, would you? We understand this only way too better. This is why we have offered to help you out. We have sampled and are going to explain the various means and ways through which to catch these games.

NFL Preseason 2018 football games live

In all, you have four options to do this. These are the local sports television stations, the indoor antennae, the free trials of the live TV streaming services, and the premium live TV streaming services respectively. We have split these four options and are going to examine each of them in greater details in the subsequent discussions below.

Option I: Local Sports Television Stations

The entire North American region is awash with numerous local sporting television stations. These vary from region to region and from ZIP code to ZIP code. They have dedicated a portion of their broadcast schedules to the streaming of the upcoming matches. They are the following:

NBC Sports

NBC Sports shall air all the NFL preseason football via its cable and satellite platforms. You must be a subscriber of the platform before event thinking of leveraging its broadcast services. In case you are already subscribed, be sure to renew your subscription beforehand to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports too will air the NFL preseason games to homes across North America. You will have to make the necessary preparations and subscriptions to able to make good use of the channel. The channel is very reliable as it takes advantage of all the major platforms like the cable and satellite channels. This is not to point out that its picture quality is pretty high thanks to the high definition broadcasts.

Lastly, the CBS is also not left out of this either. It will also, through its affiliates, avail these signals to their audience throughout the North American region. The New York-based WCBS and the Dallas-based KTVT are the two most outstanding examples. Just visit their portals and find out how to go about it. You should not restrict yourself to these two though. Consider others that are equally relevant.

NFL Preseason live on CBS Channels

CBS is also not left behind in this race of streaming the upcoming channels. Indeed it has dedicated a segment of its broadcast times and schedules to the task of streaming the pre-season matches. It intends to use the satellite, cable, and internet platforms to do so.

If you prefer the smartphone platform, you will have to download the CBS Sports App via Google Play Store. If the online channel is your best option, the web address will provide you the necessary satisfaction.

FOX Sports

Lastly, FOX Sports shall also not be left out. The channel, through the satellite and cable avenues, will also relay these signals to North American homes. FOX is ordinarily reliable though charges premium subscription fees. Take care of this as well before contemplating taking advantage of its services.

All you have to do is to plug in your ZIP code while at the site and press enter. You will receive a list of all the various broadcast towers that are in existence in your area. While at it, you have to scan the television set or decoder for the channels as well. It is only in this way that you will be able to get access to the sporting events as they unfold.

Just like the NBC Sports, FOX Sports also has several affiliates which are spread out across several cities in North America. Through these affiliates, the sporting television station shall also relay the upcoming matches via the trial versions of its free streaming services.

Perhaps the two most notable examples are the Minneapolis-based KMSP and the Chicago-based WFLD, respectively. You may wish to take advantage of these platforms by paying a visit to their portals. You may also consider looking out for the other affiliates that are located elsewhere.

FOX Sports Go app

Even though FOX Sports primarily broadcasts via the satellite and cable, it also acknowledges that the smartphones and mobile platform also exists. This is why it has made special arrangements to accommodate its subscribers who prefer this platform.

It leverages this platform via the FOX Sports Go app. This app is available in the Google Play Store absolutely free-of-charge. To make use of it though, you will have to furnish your subscription credentials. It is also limited geographically to the North American region.

Option II: Digital Terrestrial Television (Indoor Antennae)

Though relatively new and rare, the digital terrestrial option (indoor antennae) is yet another reliable channel through which you may obtain the signals of the upcoming matches. They are better off than their outdoor counterparts in that they are less prone to the external weather elements like lightning, intense sunshine, storms, and snow. They are also portable and may be transported around with ease. Identified and explained below are the two top providers of these services which will also stream the upcoming matches.

Can I use ClearStream Eclipse HDTV Antenna to watch NFL preseason live

To watch NFL games ClearStream Eclipse is the king of all the digital terrestrial television channels in existence in North America. It does have a large bouquet of channels which you may choose from. Its picture quality is crisp and it is also comprehensive in scope. This is not to mention that it is also cheaper to possess.

Just like the ClearStream Eclipse, this digital terrestrial television provider also utilizes the indoor antennae. It avails its signals via the high definition picture quality and also possesses a bouquet of channels for you to choose from. You will thus be able to catch the upcoming NFL regular season conveniently and at a cost that is way very affordable.

Option III: Free Trials of NFL Live TV Streaming Services for Football

Some well-established sporting channels intend to provide trial versions of the online streaming services. These are mainly intended to ascertain whether the said channels are effective or not. They are absolutely free but only for a limited duration of time.

You may also consider trying them out especially if you are cash-strapped. This way, you may be able to catch the upcoming NFL season games. Even though they demand no obligation, you have to cancel them before the trial duration ends. Prolonging the streaming may attract penalties. Below are the top broadcasters of these kinds:

Local NBC Sports

Some local affiliates of the NBC television station shall provide free trials of the streaming services. These are the New York-based (WNBC) and the Washington DC-based (WRC), among others. You may wish to visit their portals to find out how to leverage these services. They are cheaper and more convenient in that they require no submission of the login or subscription credentials.

Option IV: Premium Live TV Streaming Services

Other than the trial channels listed above, you may also wish to leverage the premium live TV streaming services. These, as their name suggests, are provided for by means of subscription plans and fees. They do cost a premium, granted. However, they are more reliable as they contain almost no advertisements and have a higher picture and sound qualities. The following are the main channels under this consideration:

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a rapidly expanding sporting television station. In all, the channel reaches well over 70% of all households in America. The channel shall cover the upcoming matches live and relay the same to all the subscribers in the North American region.

To take advantage of the streaming service, you have to visit its online portal at the following web address: You will thereafter proceed to create an account and remit the necessary subscription fees.

DirecTV Now app

If you are constantly on the go but would still wish to leverage the services of DirecTV Now, you may wish to follow the app route. This is basically a means of catching the matches via your smartphone. You just have to go to Google Play Store and download the app on your smartphone.

Thereafter, you will have to activate it by creating an account, choosing a subscription plan, and remitting the necessary subscription fees. Given that the channel does not provide data, you will have to make separate arrangements to furnish the same to your smartphone. Your telecommunications company is the best to look up to.


Roku is a provider of television and radio entertainment to the homes via the internet platform. The company has an assortment of entertainment providers who generate the contents and use the platform to reach out to potential clients.

You may wish to leverage its services by subscribing to it and remitting the required subscription fees. On the whole, this platform is very reliable due to the fast internet speed and lack of commercials that ordinarily interfere with the experiences of the viewers.

Amazon Fire TV

Just like Roku, the Amazon Fire TV is yet another provider of television and radio entertainment to homes via the internet platform. Unlike the Roku, it is specifically targeted at the high definition television sets.

It also incorporates several providers of sporting entertainment channels that are intending to stream the upcoming matches. It is slightly costlier than all the other providers of Internet-based entertainment services but is nonetheless very reliable.


Undoubtedly one of the best channels in North America, ESPN is not let out of the upcoming NFL matches. It will relay the matches via its cable, satellite, and online platforms. It is up to you to determine which of those avenues you prefer watching the matches to come.

In order to utilize the online platform, you have to visit its portal You will have to submit your login and subscription credentials to be able to stream the matches. This platform is very reliable as it is devoid of any adverts. It is however restricted geographically to the North American region only.

ESPN2 Online

Though generally a cable and satellite television provider, ESPN2 also runs an online platform. You may wish to catch the upcoming matches via this online platform. Unlike the other online platforms, ESPN2 does not charge the viewers who take advantage of this avenue.

However, it only accommodates its subscribers. You will thus have to furnish your subscription credentials before being granted the leeway to stream the contents. The platform is also rich in quality and is generally speaking very reliable. This is the portal of the service provider

Use Sling TV to Watch the NFL preseason football games Throughout the Year

Sling TV differs not so significantly from Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other internet service providers. It also relays the signals of various radio and television stations via the internet to homes throughout North America.

Please note that it does not in and of itself generate contents. It merely provides a channel or avenue through which content providers may reach their audiences. Some of its constituent channels that may provide you with the required services are FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and NBC Sports.

Watch NFL Preseason live on PlayStation Vue

Playstion Vue is also another provider of radio and television stations via the internet platform. It incorporates several channels and content providers which shall stream the upcoming matches. They too will be in a position to help you out.

Perhaps the most outstanding benefit of this platform is the fact that it levies very low monthly subscription fees of just $10. Moreover, it also incorporates many of the top sporting channels in its bouquet. You may, therefore, wish to leverage its services by acquiring the necessary hardware tools and subscription credentials.

How to Watch NFL Preseason 2018 Football Games Live Stream

The best way to watch NFL preseason all games live online you can depend on fuboTV. Only FuboTV provides an excellent option for watching 2018 NFL preseason football games online, especially with their ongoing free 7-day trial offer. FuboTV offering FOX, NFL Network, NBC and CBS channels to watch NFL live without cable and also 60+ more sports channels.

How to watch NFL Preseason games via NFL Game Pass?

If you want to watch live NFL Preseason games and also all 256 regular season games and listen to live gameday radio broadcasts with NFL Game Pass, you need to pay for an annual subscription to NFL Game Pass is $99 a season, which is far cheaper than even a month of cable television.


We are very confident that you have now received the guidance you badly require to get started. Indeed, the services and the options we have outlined above are very reliable and more likely to yield you the satisfaction you require.

It is not enough just to know what channels may do you good. Indeed, it helps to go ahead and make the necessary connections and subscriptions. This is why we now urge you to take the necessary leap forwards.

In closing, the upcoming pre-season NFL tournaments are a ‘must watch.’ You do not want to miss out on the thrill, rest, and fun that they bring along. This is why you also would also not wish to miss out on them. Please look for the schedule and make the necessary arrangements to view them. All the best in your endeavor!