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Bold Prediction for Texans at Patriots Football Game

texans at patriots

Houston Texans 2018 season starts with a tough matchup and high expectations against the New England Patriots this Sunday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. Now Houston’s J.J. Watt, DeShaun and head coach Bill O’Brien have built a solid young team. Texans have the chance to be one of the most exciting teams in the league this season but here Watson could be a difficult first test for the Patriots defense.

According to Pats are six point favorites and Texans is set at 50.5 into their opening game which is the highest of the week 1. 2017 NFL season New England’s Tom Bredy crushed Texans in the last minute touchdown by 36-33 in Week 3 was one of the best games of the last season and this should be a good game for many fantasy players.

It is the sixth time that the Patriots face the Texans in the last four years. The Patriots have been absent for the past 217 days and are playing their first useful super bowl game this Sunday. They will be playing the Texans led by Bill O’Brien at the Foxboro’s Gillette Stadium.

The Texans are bouncing back from a disappointing year where their entire starting lineup was nursing injuries. Presently, they boast a young and electric quarterback in Deshaun Watson. Texans did possess a first or second round to play due to their last two quarterbacks. Despite the mentioned mishaps, the Texans are always a tough team to play especially when their defense is fit.

In Deshaun Watson, Patriots will probably dominate Bill O’Brien’s Texans if history is anything to consider. Watson took the starting role at Patriots halfway through week one last year from the undeserving Tom Savage. Since then, he has become a starting member of this team. Before his injury in training last year November, Watson was on the way to scooping the offensive rookie of the year.

The upcoming match will be merely over ten months since the horrific injury. Considering how he performed during the preseason, Watson seems fit, but we should not entirely do away with the human injury. Watson is still capable of making the difference, and the Patriots will fully utilize him at the quarterbacks.

How to watch Patriots vs Texans stream
Game Kickoff: Sunday, Sept. 9, 1 p.m. ET
TV channel: CBS
Streaming: fuboTV (Try for free)

Last year, the Texans Offensive line was miserable, and Nick Martin is the only member of the line that was on the lineup week 3 and will start as a center on Sunday. The replacements brought in by the Texans did not bring the desired confidence. Julien Davenport is starting at left tackle, and Seantrel Henderson who has not started a game since 2015 is playing at right tackle. At guard, the team is starting unknown players in Senio Kelemete and Zach Fulton.

The Texans failed to upgrade their offensive players in the summer and will be lining up with Lamar Miller, Ryan Griffin, Will Fuller, and DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans fifth offensive player should not be a danger to the Patriot’s defense following the apologies of Keke Coutee, Jordan Akins, Tyler Ervin, and Sammie Coates. The Texans have performed a change at defensive coordinator as Vrabel is coaching the Titans, but the play should be similar.

In last year’s game, Dwayne Allen and James Develin played a combined fifty percent of defensive snaps. This Sunday, the number should be close to a hundred percent, and the Patriots need to take advantage of Clowney and Mercilus to cover and run the play in their defense base. The Patriots will still chip Clowney and Watt on the edges, and it is preferable to utilize Allen here. Although the Texans defense has improved of late, the Patriots should consider taking advantage of this. During the off-season, Texans signed Tyrann Mathieu to help in defense. It will be interesting to see how Mathieu and cornerback Kareem Jackson play alongside one another.

Lastly, the Texans have not been a top performer team over the decades, and we anticipate how they will perform this season after parting ways with their coach, Larry Izzo. It is early to predict, but the Patriots should be in a position of outplaying them. It’s awaited that there will be plenty of scoring drives from both sides.

Bold Prediction:

Patriots with an 78 percent chance of winning.
Tom Brady: 240 yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 interception
Patriots 24, Texans 17

Panthers vs Cowboys Game Preview: Start Time, Live Stream, TV Channel

panthers vs cowboys

With a week to the big matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers coming Sunday, for the NFL Week 1 game Sept. 9, 2018 (9/9/18) at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC, below is a preview of the Panthers vs Cowboys. When the Dallas Cowboys travel to Carolina Panthers on Sunday, they’ll face a banged up. The Panthers have really had a tough time along their offensive line. The Panthers are led by quarterback Cam Newton and head coach Ron Rivera and the Cowboys have starting quarterback Dak Prescott and head coach Jason Garrett as both Cowboys and Panthers will need to run the ball effectively to control the action.

Since the preseason is over for the Dallas Cowboys, they are now in the preparations of taking on Carolina Panthers at Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina coming Sunday. In last season’s playoffs, Cowboys missed by going down 9 – 7 while Panthers made it to the postseason with a record 11 – 5. However, the Panthers lost to the New Orleans Saints 31- 26 at the Wild Card round. Below are the players you expect to watch in a week’s time.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who: Carolina Panthers vs Dallas Cowboys

What: NFL Week 1

When: Sunday, September 9, 2018

Where: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte.

Time: 4:25 p.m. Eastern


Livestream: FOX Sports Live

Christian McCaffrey, he is Panthers’ Swiss Army Knife running from the back. He is famous for his passing game chops but seems to get even better this year. Cowboys’ linebackers and Sean Lee will have to keep an eye on him especially when he gets in open play space.

Norv Turner’s offense, he was formerly employed at Cowboys as an offensive coordinator but is now plying his roots at Panthers. He is anticipated to assist quarterback Cam Newton makes the next step as well as upping his game.

Luke Kuechly, he will try to keep an eye on Ezekiel Elliot who will be making some runs on the ball. Kuechly is among the greatest linebackers in the game, and he made over 134 tackles last season. All eyes will be on these two ‘giants.’

Dak Prescott, this will be the premier opportunity of watching this quarterback playing without the familiar faces of Jason Whitten and Dez Bryant. Tavon Austin, Allen Hurns, and Michael Gallup are the new players to fill their shoes. Running back Ezekiel Elliott would be electrifying in Panthers offense but the Carolina figures to load up the box to stop Elliott.

Cowboys Defense, in the current season, the Cowboys defense is more improved than last season. Sean Lee, Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith should be able to shut down the game run. Demarcus Lawrence and co should be able to keep an eye on the quarterback especially when Cam Newton is forced to pass.

Joe Looney, Cowboys offense is hurt by the departure of Travis Fredrick, but Joe Looney’s presence at the pivot will be crucial. The Cowboys will perform exemplary if open up space for Zeke and at the same time protects Dak Prescott. The Cowboys need to get an early lead to run and control the clock.

Patriots vs Texans 2018 Football Game Time, TV Channel, Live Stream

patriots vs texans

Tom brady’s New England Patriots will welcome Houston Texans at home location in the next sunday at 1:00 pm ET fot some football in NFL week 1. The New England’s defense is ready for a tough opponent QB Deshaun Watson at Gillette Stadium. last season the Patriots beat the Texans by 36-33 and Watson were rushing eight times for 41 yards to go along with 301 passing yards. Tom Brady’s 25-yard touchdown pass with 23 seconds left in the game wins another 1 in final seconds rallied to beat the Texans. You know that Patriots vs Texans 2018 football game live stream only on CBS TV channel.

During the NFL regular season 2018, the New England Patriots are scheduled to play against the Houston Texans. The Patriots are looking to show their fans they still have what it takes to be winners. Tom Brady is returning to the team as their starting quarterback. While he may be considered a seasoned player, he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and will not disappoint. Brady and the team want to go back to the glory of winning the Super Bowl and they are going to start this quest regular season.

While the Texans may have a good defense, it is hard to say how they will handle Brady and the rest of the team. While they may be good , the Patriots have a strong rushing game and surpassed the Texas in the NFL for rushing yards.

Bill Belichick is returning to lead the Patriots to victory. Belichick is one of the most respected coaches in the NFL and he has a winning record to back this up. While the coaching staff of the Texans is good, they cannot compare to Belichick. Belichick is able to run plays that the opponents do not see coming and are not able to stop the play from happening.

While the Texans are showing improvements very year they are not match for the experienced New England Patriots. The Patriots have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and not only can they pass the pass, they can run it as well.

You need to now more about New England Patriots vs Houston Texans football

Game: Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Time & Date: Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 1:00 pm
Location: Gillette Stadium
Odds: Patriots -6.5, Texans +6.5
Live Stream: NFL Game Pass

Patriots vs Texans game pass @

In the NFL regular season game the Houston Texans are going to face off against the New England Patriots. The Texans have come a long way since last season and they have a good chance of beating the Patriots.

Deshaun Watson is in good health and now has gotten some NFL experience behind him. He works well with the head coach Bill O’Brien and the two come up with several great plays. DeAndre Hopkins is returning to the team as well as along with Watson they are one of the best pairs in the NFL.

The defense of the Texans is looking good to. Some say they are even good enough to put a stop to Brady. J.J Watt and Whitney Marcus are back, and O’Brien is working these players to their full potential. They are prepared to take down Brady and put a stop to the rushing from the Patriots.

When the players are not injured they are actually a really good team. New England had a rough end to the last seasons and the Texans are looking to rock them off of their game. The offense of this game is going to have some powerful players. Jadevon Clowney as well as Tyrann Mathieu have been training hard during the off season and along with the reasoned offense players they will be tough for any team. The Texans are tired of being held down and this season they are looking to come out strong. Even in a regular season game they have the determination to beat the Patriots.

Prediction: Patriots 30 over Texans 24

Panthers vs Dolphins Football Game Preview: How To Free Streaming Online

panthers vs dolphins

The Miami Dolphins will meet against the Carolina Panthers in NFL preseason matchup in Friday, August 17, 2018 at 7:30 pm at Bank of America Stadium. The Dolphins lost their opening preseason game vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home by 24-26. On the other hand The Carolina Panthers won 2018 preseason first game on the road to the Buffalo Bills by 28-23.

The Panthers are won four of their last six preseason football games. The Carolina Panthers defeated the Buffalo Bills by 28-23 in their first opening game Garrett Gilbert and Taylor Heinicke combined for 214 passing yards, two touchdowns but interceptions while C.J. Anderson with 16 rushing yards and one touchdown on his four attempts and Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore combined for 118 receiving yards on eight receptions.

Last season the Panthers crushed the Dolphins 45-21 on Monday night football game for 3rd straight win and Cam Newton threw for 254 yards and four touchdowns, rookie Christian McCaffrey scored touchdowns rushing and receiving.

The Miami Dolphins are lost five of their last eight preseason football games. Rookie safety Minkah Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill looked good and the Dolphins will certainly take those two positives heading into Friday night.

Brock Osweiler and David Fales combined for 198 passing yards, In the losing effort no interceptions and no touchdowns. The Dolphins are controlled by Kalen Ballage with 37 rushing yards on 10 attempts while Albert Wilson and Francis Owusu combined for 113 receiving yards on six receptions, Cornell Armstrong had five tackles, Vincent Taylor and and Jordan Lucas were trying to back to the game.

Carolina Panthers vs Miami Dolphins Football Game Details

Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers
Game day time and date: Friday, August 17, 2018 at 7:30 pm
Location: Bank of America Stadium
Live Stream: FuboTV (7 days free trial)
TV Channel: NFL Game Pass

Panthers’ #1 defense and Dolphins’31st ranked offense had a matchup in NFL, which seemed like a one-sided affair apparently. Dolphins’ 20-ranked defense vs Panthers’ 21-st offense is likely to be uncertain as well. However, it can be argued that Panthers’ offense can work in favor of Dolphins defense. The running game for Panthers’ is currently at 30-rank in NFL, however, on the other hand, the Dolphins’ have a fourth-ranked defense. This combination does not seem like a suitable match-up. There are some people who would be of the view that Collins would not be better when it comes to running back, however, it is also important to realize here that two most prominent qualities, which he depict are agility and speed.

Usually, it is quite hard to make definite statements on Dolphins’ defense keeping in view different factors. The Ravens, for example, used the stretch runs, which enabled them to get the consistent yardage. It can be argued that the defensive line of Dolphins had been able to stuff the run. In fact, they had been effective in this regard. However, there are more suspects, which lie in the run defense of the perimeter. When it comes to the passing game, dolphins were expected to better in NFL as they would put pressure on the quarterbacks, which are opposite.

Keeping in view Dolphins offense it appears that in order to play on the 7-yard line, the Dolphins defense trails at 21-13. When it was the second down, Ryan Tannehill was searching the end zone for the purpose of an open receiver; however, before the time was up he gave up on the play. Out of the end zone, the football was launched. When it was time for the third down, he was again looking for an open receiver and there was no one, then he drifted towards the right side. He took this moved because of the reason that the pass rush was getting very close. There was no fourth down because the third down took all the remaining eight seconds and the clock expired. Stephen Ross was in extreme disappointment looking all this and he dropped his head in disappointment as well. Keeping in view these points it appears, that Dolphins lost the offense mainly because no one was able to get open.

There are other points too, for example, the clock management was not very good. No one was able to manage the clock well, which is extremely important especially when on the ground and playing in front of numerous spectators. In short, no one was able to manage the particular play.

Dolphins vs Panthers game prediction.

Panthers 28 over Miami 14

Patriots vs Eagles Football Game Preview: What To Watch Sunday Night Football

patriots vs eagles

Are you will be surprised if the Patriots win Super Bowl again? The New England Patriots betting favorites for Super Bowl 53. I think the Eagles are a team built to last so tough to repeat super bowl champion again but they are a good team you can depend on. The defending super bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles will start their another football season after a historic 41-33 victory against the the New England Patriots for the first time since 1960.

The best combination with of MVP quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick has entrusted the foundation for success for the Pats for nearly two decades. The Patriots have qualified for the playoffs each of the last nine years and reached the Super Bowl eight times since 2001.

Eagles vs Patriots football game you need to know.
Thursday, Aug 16th 7:30 pm et
Location: Gillette Stadium
Live Stream: NFL Game Pass (7days free trial)

Channels: WCAU (NBC/10 – Philadelphia), WPMT (FOX/43 – Harrisburg), WOLF (FOX/56 – Scranton), WRDE (Cozi/31.2 – Rehoboth Beach DE), WBZ (CBS/4 – Boston)

Listen to Patriots talk 24/7 exclusively on Radio.

Patriots offense vs Eagles defense

Defense and offense are both very important component of the football games. It’s really difficult to create a strong defense or offense strategy without any flaws. With both the Patriot and Eagle, they share many pros and cons on both defense and offense, here are some ideas of what they are really good at and what they need to work on.

The Patriot is seeing a good offense this year especially their head coach Bill Belichick, who have decided to help with some improvements. Keep in mind that the defense was nothing in the beginning, but when Bills stepped into coach, their defense became a phenomenon. Just imagine what would happen with their offense with offensive coordinator Joshua Thomas McDaniels. Plus, Josh Mac is returning for an amazing offense attack. However, Belichick plan an offense that was not very balanced and there are some miss calculation errors. He made the offense area more spread out with a shotgun face aerial attack. This resulted in the Patriots firing the ball out of the receiver sets.

The Eagles have some impressive defensive players. For example, Smith is a strong defensive player that is very similar to DeSean Jackson. Shane Vereen is a very versatile player who does wonders in the defensive line. Despite these positive defense features, the Eagles still struggle with some of their defensive plays. For example, Sherman does not do very well with a thorough man-to-man coverage which can be very problematic for the defense position. The Eagles usually use their cornerbacks to compensate for the coverage, but that will only hinder and put more pressure on the defense area, not a very smart move. In addition, Maxwell was signed by the Eagles from the Seahawk, and he struggles badly with the defense position.

Eagles offense against Patriots defense

Without Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles Nick Foles and league MVP Carson Wentz the Eagles don’t sound worried. Eagles executed their offense successfully by using a shotgun method. This is where they line up under the center in a specific situation and run out the clock. It has worked wonderfully with the majority of the games. Another strategy is the Eagle ran more than 90% of their offense from the shotgun and completed as the 4th best scoring team in the NFL history.

Nick Foles and Carson Wentz led the rush with over 2,000 combine yard, how crazy was that? Unfortunately, the offense did take a big hit when the left guard Evan Mathis and Center Jason Kelce was badly injured. The opponents are aware of their strategy and took advantage of it which severely damages the offensive line. Basically, the opponents put more bodies at the scrimmage against the offensive line therefore severely slowing down the running games which destroyed Kelly’s offensive success. After all, the whole offensive technique was too predictable despite its success.

Patriots defense was phenomenal. They were giving up 41 points to the Eagles offense, but have managed to catch up. Their defense tactics were very quiet and sneaky, but have caught everyone by surprise. It’s very strategic and well played. This is mainly because their defensive coordinator has done an excellent job strategizing and implementing various defense techniques. However, their defensive line back Ninkovich have retired. He’s reliable player that has helped score touchdowns and tackles and have been in various plays in the NFL and Super Bowls. When they lose a player that is known for their defense, it’s tough to foresee the future if they are able to get a defensive player that is as skillful as Ninkovich.

Patriots vs Redskins: 2018 Preseason Football Game What to Watch

patriots vs redskins

The New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins football is almost back on Thursday, the Patriots will host the Redskins Kickoff at Gillette Stadium of their first matchup for NFL Preseason 2018 is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Take a look back at Patriots vs Redskins game preview, TV schedule, dates, live stream and more. This game will almost certainly matter a lot more to the Redskins than the defending AFC Conference champions. It will be the first time the Patriots have met in the preseason since 2014 when the Patriots defeated by the Redskins by 23-6, at FedExField.

New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins Last meeting: Nov. 8, 2015 (27-10, NE)

Start Time and Date: Thursday, Aug. 9 | 7:30 p.m. ET
Location: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Mass.
Tv Channels: NBC4/NBC Sports Washington
Live Stream: FuboTV (Seven days free trial)

Patriots vs Redskins football game: what to watch.

Patriots CB Duke Dawson vs Redskins WR Trey Quinn

Patriots defense vs Redskins QB Kevin Hogan

Patriots TEs vs Redskins LB Josh Harvey-Clemons

Patriots LT Isaiah Wynn against Redskins OLBs

Bill Belichick vs Jay Gruden

Why Patriots will win against Redskins in the NFL preseason 2018

The Patriot has an excellent chance of winning the Redskins in the year 2018. First, they have a very strong offensive line. This is especially true when their offensive line has done a great job in handling the Eagles. They may have lost Solder at the tackle, but that triple team that they have which includes Joe Thuney, David Andrews, and Shaq Mason has remained untouchable for the rest of the game. Another thing that makes patriots superior is their excellent coaching staff. Belichick is the best head coach and, Josh McDaniels is an amazing offensive coordinator, and Brian Flores is a superior linebacker coach.

The last thing that makes patriot superior is Tom Brady. He may be 41 and receive three MVP awards, but as long as Edelman or Gronk is still alive, he is still the man. The Patriots have various Super Bowl winnings in the past which makes them more experience and a stronger team in comparison to the Redskins. Tom Brady has been around the field and has more experience and calmness in the game so that can be a wonderful asset towards the Patriot’s victory.

Unfortunately for the Redskins, they have some weak area that can cost them the championship. Their inside linebacker is a major weakness. They don’t have a strong player next to Brown. Even though Brown may have 149 tackles in 2016, but he was also part of the Buffalo Bills running the defense. They need to find a perfect pairing up with brown in order to strengthen their linebacker if they wish to have a chance against the Patriots.

Why Redskins will win against Patriots in the NFL preseason 2018

The Redskins has a very strong team, and there is a possibility that they may win against the Patriots. First their quarterback Alex Smith is one of the best in the NFL, known for his speed. Jay Gruden’s offense position is a major strength which will ultimately put Redskins ahead of the game. They have Morgan Moses which is one of the best tackles in the game. Ryan Kerrigan and Preston Smith both combined have over 21 sacks, 18 QB hits, and 60 hurries last years, which makes them a very solid team that can lead the way to victory. There will be a boost in defense with Darone Payne and Jonathon Allen. Even though they lack experience, but with passion, agility, strength, and athleticism will make up for everything.

Even though the Patriots are known for their MVP Tom Brady, but they do have some weakness that can cost them the game with the Redskins. Tom Brady is turning 41, so that could be a damper on his athletic ability. He may not be as agile and athletic as he was in younger age. Usually, quarterbacks will run, throw, or rush for that touchdown, but we doubt Brady will be doing any rushing or running, it’s just pure throwing. Another weakness is their linebackers. They added new additions to the team to cover the linebacker position, but everything is still on the unknown. Hopefully, they will perform when the time comes. Then you have the serious locker room tension. There were serious issues between Brady and Belichick, and hopefully this tension wouldn’t affect the game.

Prediction: Patriots 29 over Redskins 16

Panthers vs Bills Preseason 2018 Football Game Preview and Prediction

panthers vs bills

The Buffalo Bills will welcoming the Carolina Panthers in New Era Field for the team’s first preseason game. The matchup will take place in 9 Aug, on Thursday 7 p.m. EST. You can watch Panthers vs Bills football game live stream the game on WFMY News 2.

Why Panthers will win against Bills in the NFL preseason 2018

The Panthers have a great chance of winning against the Bills. The Panthers has 124+ points in a game this season. They have done a wonderful job getting the ball directly to the quarterback even though there were 18 sacks over the five games. That would include six takedowns against the Bucks and Vikings. With such a powerful play, the Panthers have a shot. They have strong players such as Cam Newton, Christian McAfee, and Jonathan Stewart. Barner has a run style closer to McCaffrey and Alex Armah could always fill in as an emergency power back should Anderson be injured. Plus they have a strong defense thanks to Steve Wilkes. There is a popular saying that the defense tends to lead the team to victory.

Another funny thing to mention is that Cam Newton tends to play better when he’s under pressure. Even though he is an inconsistent player, but the past criticism about his game will most likely ignite his fire. There have been reports that he plays significantly better when there is a lot of criticism and pressure.

Here’s how to watch Buffalo Bills vs Carolina Panthers game.

Bills vs Panthers time, date, location, TV channel
Time: Aug. 9, 7 p.m. EST
TV channel: WFMY News 2
Live stream: WFMY News 2 Live; or watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial.

The Panthers and the Bills football games including the preseason, regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl LIII will have more screens which include, desktop, mobile, tablets, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Chromecast. will be available on CBS, FOX, NBC, NFL Network and NFL RedZone on NFL Network with fuboTV.

The Buffalo Bills, on the other hand, may suffer some issues with their offense in 2018. It might be due to the lack of experience with the quarterback, wide receiver, or offense of line. If the line is weak, then the quarterback will struggle, which will affect the receivers. If the receivers can’t open then the line will not be able to withstand the defense. Unfortunately, this will significantly hurt the team because it will make the offense too predictable. If the offense struggles, then the blame for fall on the quarterback. However, they still have time to fix everything to strengthen the offense.

Why Bills will win against Panthers in the NFL preseason 2018

During the Bills vs Panthers NFL game on 2018, the Bills do have some excellent advantages over the Panthers which will make them the winning team. Sean McDermott use to work as a defense coordinator for the Panthers. Since he’s been with the Panthers for the past six years, we know that he has a lot of ideas and close insight about the team. He is now working with the Buffalo Bills, and he could use these insights and strategies about the panthers to bring his team to victory. This can be a great asset to help the Bills win against the Panthers. Plus the Bills ranked in the top six in interceptions and passing rating despite only registering for 27 sacks. During the first round, Sean picked Tre Davious White, Micah Hyde, and Jordan Poyer. These are good combo mixing in rookie and veterans.

The panther will have some disadvantage to the games because of their wide receiver. They picked a rookie name DJ Moore in hopes of adding some athletic abilities to some to the panther starting lineup. After that pairing, the lead returning receiver is Russell shepherd who received 17 catches in 2017 before receiving his release on Monday. If Moore struggles as of Rookie, it can be a major limitation to Cam Newton as a viable target. Then again Cam Newton is not very consistent, it might be because of his arm surgery in the past which made him sit out of a preseason game. Whatever the case is, his inconsistency might be an issue for the Panthers.

Panthers vs Bills Prediction

Panthers 21 over Bills 17.

49ers vs Cowboys Football Game Preview, Start Time, Live Stream, TV Channel

49ers vs cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are ready for the 2018 NFL season to start as they take on the San Francisco 49es in the preseason game. While this is only a preseason matchup the Cowboys are picked to come out victorious. Dak Prescott is training and he is well rested and ready to go. He has proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. He has survived his rookie season with an impressive performance. Now that he has some NFL experience, experts predict he will be all but unstoppable with his passes. The offense plans on running right past the 49ers defense and scoring a lot of points.

The defense of the Cowboys is ready to go as well. The Uglies are Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, and Travis Frederick. There is also hope that third round draft pick Connor Williams will get his NFL career off to a good start. This combination is looking to pound any offensive players that come their way.

49ers vs Cowboys football game detail
Time & Date: Thursday, Aug 09 10:00 PM et
Location: Levis Stadium
Live Stream: NFL Netwotk Live; or watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial.
TV Channel: NFL Netwotk

Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers football game live streaming on fuboTV. If you want to listen the Cowboys vs 49ers game via radio, you just tune your local radio channels you like.

The 49ers finished in last season with a handful of wins. They are looking to make some changes. Even though Dallas did not have the best season either they are looking to change that. With their quarterback ready to go and some strong players on defense they are looking to put a stop to any game the 49ers may have. While this is up an opening game neither team wants to lose. If Dallas plays hard they will be able to win this game and be ready for the season.

In the preseason game the San Francisco 49ers are looking to take on the Dallas Cowboy. While this is a preseason game the 49ers are looking to win and give get their season off to a good start.

For this game the 49ers have some things that are going their way. They are going to play this game at home. This will allow their fans to come out and see how the team is looking. Home fans cheer the loudest so playing at home if often an advantage right from the start. They are well rested from the off season and have some new plays that they want to try out on the Cowboys. The 49ers have some history on their side as well. This is the 16th time these teams will be facing each other during the preseason. Out of these 16 times the 49ers won the majority of the games. For this game the 49ers are favored by 3.5 points.

The 49ers are also ready to show off their new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. He has won five games during his time in the NFL. He is no longer the backup and is ready to take the lead. Along with wide receivers Marquise Goodwin and Pierre Garcon , the defense is looking strong. The 49ers do have some big expectations to live up to and they are picked to win this game. They are going to take advantage of Dallas and their new roster and will do so with a victory.

49ers vs Cowboys game prediction

San Francisco 49ers 24 over Dallas Cowboys 17.