Cleveland Browns Football Live Stream: How To Watch Browns Game Online

cleveland browns football

The Cleveland Browns are a football team that plays in the NFL. They are based in the town of Cleveland, Ohio. They are also a member club of the North Division of the American Football Conference (the AFC). The team was established in 1944 and played their first competitive match in the 1946 season. They were named after co-founder Paul Brown who was also the coach of the team. He remained head coach until 1962 and guided the team through the most successful period in their history.

The uniform of the team is brown, orange and white. Their helmets are all orange and they are the only team in the NFL that do not have a logo on their helmets. Their official logo is their helmet without a logo on. The colors of their shirts, pants and helmets have changed over the years but they have always been a combination of brown, orange and white.

The team was suspended from the NFL in 1996 when owner Art Modell announced plans to move the team to Baltimore. This was met with major objection from fans and from the city itself, who threatened legal action. In the end a compromise was reached when Modell was given permission by the NFL to start a new team in Baltimore, which was named the Baltimore Ravens. The intellectual property of the Cleveland Browns was retained and they were suspended until 1999 when they were readmitted into the league as an expansion team.

The Cleveland Browns currently play at the FirstEnergy Stadium. This has been their home since 1999. Jimmy and Dee Haslem are the current owners of the franchise, having taken over the reins from Randy Lerner, whose family had been involved with the team for almost twenty years. They have struggled to find the success that they enjoyed in the early years of the franchise since they have been back in the league.

This year the Cleveland Browns have a great chance to do excellent in the National Football League.  Baker Mayfield is one of the key player for the Browns said Hue Jackson in Saturday’s press conference, he said we are looking forward and making confidence to the players.

Heisman Trophy Winner Baker Mayfield has developed amazing chemistry with Rashard Higgins and surprised Hue Jackson to Mayfield’s humility and attitude and acknowledged that he’s exceeded expectations.

“Baker Mayfield has been everything I thought a quarterback should be for our organization thus far,” Jackson said. “He’s doing the things that we want him to do the way we want him to do it, and he’s exceeding those things. Because he’s putting in the time. He doesn’t have a pride or [arrogance] any kind of way.”

Here you need to know more about the Cleveland Browns

Established June 4, 1944; 74 years ago
First season: 1946
The Browns play their home games at FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio
The Cleveland Browns Headquarte, Training and Administrative Complex in Berea, Ohio
Team colors: Brown, Orange, White
Mascot: Chomps, Swagger, Brownie the Elf
Owner(s): Jimmy Haslam, Dee Haslam
President: Paul DePodesta
General manager: John Dorsey
Head coach: Hue Jackson

Here is the full guide and easy ways to watch Cleveland Browns football games.

The best way to watch Cleveland Browns football game online for any device to go the official website of NFL.

People no longer rely on Cable TV for watching their favorite football games as now they have numerous options for online streaming. The best part is they can use the services on multiple devices and they no longer need to sit in front of the TV for long hours.

Watch Cleveland Browns football games via PlayStation Vue

The fans for Cleveland Browns football games can now watch it through PlayStation Vue, which offers a free trial to the users. With the assistance of free trial, an individual is likely to get an idea about the overall services. When the trial expires, users can select the services by subscribing for $40 a month. In return, they would get a variety of 40 channels, which sounds like a good deal since there would be channels like CBS, FOX, NBC, Bravo, and much more. It is also possible to add the premium channels; however, there would be an additional fee for that.

Watch Cleveland Browns football games via fuboTV

Cleveland Browns football games are available for the subscribers of Fubo TV as well. It is, however; always wise to check the official website to make sure that the plans include the relevant channels. The subscribers of Fubo TV have an option of paying $45 per month and in return, they would get around 65 channels. With additional charges, they can buy more channels. Under the first package, the channels included are CBS, FOX, and NBC. The basic channels are usually the same, however; additional channels can be useful for the family members. It depends on the preference of an individual, which package they want to select.

Watch Cleveland Browns football games via DirecTV Now

DirectTV Now is available for the fans of Cleveland Browns football games offering them different options. There are 4 plans available for the individuals and they can make a selection according to their preferences. There is an option of more than 60 channels under the plan called live a little, which is available at a price of $40 per month. The prominent channels under this plan include FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC. There would be a variety of channels for the users. The other plans offered under DirectTV are quite higher in price and offer more channels to the users.

Watch Cleveland Browns football games via Hulu TV

This particular live streaming service is available to the fans of Cleveland Browns football games enabling them to subscribe for $40 a month. They would get more than 55 channels, which would include the local channels like ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS. Viewers can get premium channels but for that purpose, they would need to upgrade the subscription. It is wise to go through the various options before making a final purchase decision in favor of one particular service. Gone are the days when people would simply rely on the Cable TV as these streaming services enable the users to use multiple devices along with their TV.

Watch Cleveland Browns football games via Sling TV

Users have the option to use Sling TV for watching the Cleveland Browns football games. They have the option of the 7-day free trial to decide whether it is the right service for them. It is compatible with devices like Apple TV, Roku, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and much more. There are three basic plans for Sling TV with the basic one starting at an affordable price of $20 per month offering 30 channels to the subscribers. These include ESPN and Disney Channel as well. However, for the package of $25 per month, the users would get around 40 channels including NBC and FOX.

How to Watch Cleveland Browns on Mobile

If you want to watch Cleveland Browns football game on your mobile just download the Browns football app from google play store, login and enjoy.

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